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Experience with Employee Navigator our preferred platform, and

Selerix Benefits Administration Software. Additionally, we have the flexibility to adapt to your current platform.

A Means To An End

Broker Builder Solutions is here to assist with maximizing your Benefit Administration platform to its full potential. Broker Builder Solutions, LLC (BBS) manages and supports the front-end and back-end configuration.


Onboarding new employees during Open Enrollment Season is chaotic. Carriers expect timely enrollment data. Brokers must be able to bring the right carrier options to their clients, Human Resources must select the benefit option(s) that meet the need of their employees in addition to providing an all -in- one enrollment option. Employees will choose the option that best suits their family and/or budget.

Essential to meeting the needs of all stakeholders in the process, organizations must manage their benefit administration platform effectively. BBS ensures that data is flowing through the pipeline so that critical needs are met, while ensuring streamlined efficiency.

BBS allows brokers to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction with their clients, while human resources can focus on assisting their employees, and employees can feel secure that their selections are processed accurately.

Broker Builder Solutions is a Licensed Re-seller

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    BBS Provides Expertise In the Following Areas:

  • Case Implementation
  • Onboarding | ACA Tracking | PTO Tracking Setup
  • 834 EDI File Implementation
  • Proprietary File Implementation (select)
  • HR Support
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Benefits Administration Platform Services